Travel Tips & Must Haves: Traveling Abroad with Baby & Kids

1. From Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Tips for Flying with the Family:

  • Choose a flight during your child’s bed time or nap time
  • Dress comfortably and bring clothes that make for easy diaper changes.
  • Plan to bring snacks, baby formula, and breast milk in case of delays.
  • Bring a pacifier to relieve the pressure on your infant’s ears.
  • Bring a fun pack filled with games, magazines, and favorite toys.

Family Road Trip Packing List

While it is good to have several games and activities on hand for bored children (and adults), the best road trip activities for kids involve the journey itself. Observe what’s outside the windows, where you are heading, and the conversation and joint activities inside the car.

  • First aid supplies
  • extra clothes
  • comfort belongings – blanket, pillow, stuffed animal
  • food & snacks
  • books
  • out of the car toys – soccer ball, jump rope, sidewalk chalk
  • in the car activities – drawing pad, puzzle, crayons
  • cleaning supplies – baby wipes, plastic bag, paper towels, hand sanitizer

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2. From Parenthood and Passports

  • Pack lots and lots of snacks
  • Buy your child their own seat even if they are under the
    age of 2 and can still fly free in your lap.
  • Let them fly in their pajamas or comfortable clothes so they will hopefully sleep on the
  • Have lots of entertainment options, including toys and a tablet
    loaded with their favorite cartoons.

Family travel bloggers Damon and Melissa have been traveling the world ever since the birth of their daughter, Avery. She has been to 9 countries so far and the blog features family friendly tips and reviews for those interested in traveling with a pint-sized passenger.


3. From Harborside Wellbeing

  • Pack a treat bag that includes items and foods that are new to your
  • Make sure the snacks you pack for your kids include some healthy
    protein filled snacks.
  • Let your little ones choose a few of their favorite toys to bring on
    the trip.

Harborside Wellbeing, PLLC, was founded by Dr. Beatrice Tauber Prior, a licensed Clinical Psychologist, with 20+ years in the mental health field.  Through her career, she has provided consulting, treatment and assessment services to various groups including foster care and adoption agencies, the criminal justice system, hospital inpatient, outpatient and emergency departments, and childhood early intervention.


4. From Onboardly


  • Pack two changes of clothes and pajamas regardless of the travel
  • For newborns, bring spare bra pads, a change
    of clothes for momma and at least three sleepers for the baby.
  • For bottle fed babies, bring 2-3 sterilized bottles. Prepack the
    formula and, where you can, your own bottled water.
  • Bring BABY WIPES and a change pad. Airplane and gas station restrooms are
  • Never pre-board – let your kids actively run around the airport to
    get some of their toddler restlessness out of the way.
  • Take a bathroom break right before boarding.
  • If your child has any special needs, please inform the cabin crew as
    you’re boarding and mention any conditions or needs to your surrounding
    passengers. By informing anyone early on will allow them the time to change
    seats or make accommodations as needed.

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5. From Dr. Lori Baudino

  • If your child is capable, let your child help find the seat.
  • Use adjectives to describe your surroundings. What do you and your child notice.
  • Remind your child of the expectations for the small space.
  • When you board the airplane, introduce yourselves to the staff.
  • Decide what needs to be close and what can go in the overhead bin.
  • If your child has a difficult time on the flight, honoring their experience and validating their emotions are the quickest ways to help them settle down.


Clinical child psychologist, Dr. Lori Baudino can discuss the mindset, preparation and tools needed for a dream-like flying scenario with your young children. She is seasoned with hundreds of hours flying with her own children.


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