Travel Accessories for Your Baby

When traveling with little ones it’s so important to keep them comfortable so they don’t get fussy, whether you’re going for a ride in the car, a trip to the park, or traveling by plane. They key to a well-behaved child is bringing along some helpful accessories (and making sure baby is well-rested!) If you’re traveling during the summer, it becomes even more important to protect baby from the sun and not stay outdoors for too long. Before you head out this summer, pack some of these accessories in your diaper bag or suitcase!

Dooky Baby Cover

Wherever you travel with baby, make sure to bring a multipurpose cover with a high UV-protection factor. The Dooky Baby Cover has a UV-protection factor of UPF40+ which blocks over 95% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. It is made of 100% breathable cotton to create sufficient ventilation. It’s also height adjustable so you can peek at baby any time you’d like and protects against other elements like wind and rain.


A diaper bag necessity! Refresh-a-Baby turns ordinary water bottles into baby bottles keeping baby happy anywhere, anytime making feeding time easy for moms and dads! Simply pop the leak free Refresh-a-Baby on a water bottle of your choice, just add baby formula, and baby is ready to be hydrated.


BabyBackups are a hypoallergenic diaper extender pad that can be used with any diaper brand, fitting snugly between the waistband of the diaper and the baby’s back. While other products trap the mess between the baby’s back and the product, BabyBackups eliminate messy cleanups and embarrassing situations by keeping liquid where it belongs, in the diaper.

The Catchie

This car seat protector with a net-like feature keeps all of your child’s toys, bottles, snacks, shoes and blankets in one place allowing for easy retrieval by a passenger when you’re driving. Safeguard your vehicle’s floors and seats from crumbs, spills, and lost toys. Catch-All baby car seat accessory that protects the seat and floor of your car. Designed to keep anything your toddler might drop or throw off the floor and within arm’s reach.

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light

Sleeping away from home with a baby or toddler has never been easier! Open the carry bag, lift out the travel crib and set it up in one easy movement. It’s just as effortless to fold down and pop back into the carry bag. The travel crib stands firmly on the floor, and the soft mattress is a comfortable, snug place for your child to sleep at home or away.

Woombie Air Wrap Blanket

This multiuse blanket is perfect for travel with baby because it is lightweight and takes up very little space and can be used for nursing, swaddling, or keeping baby warm. Made of stretchy, 100% organic cotton breathable fabric to keep baby cooler and prevent overheating.

Written by Andy van Staveren, Co-Founder of Xplorys and Dooky Baby

Andy van Staveren is one of the two founders of the Xplorys company.Born in The Netherlands and having lived in Paris for 4 years and London for 4 years, he is responsible for numerous inventions and the father of two daughters, aged 15 and 7. van Staveren has over 20 years experience in brand development and inventing innovative baby products and is responsible for product development and export markets.
The Dooky brand is currently represented in over 20 countries worldwide.

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