Tips for Going on a Road Trip to Florida

A road trip to Florida is a lot more than just making sure that you have the vacation home rental in Florida booked, the luggage packed, and the gas tank full. When traveling long distances, especially with a car full of little ones, there are certain measures to take prior to leaving (and during) the trip that will make it go a little more smoothly. Whether your trip is a few days or a week, make sure you take a look at the below tips in order to make your road trip to Florida safe and fun!


Tip #1: Vehicle Prep


In order to avoid any unnecessary headaches with your car, make sure you do any preventative

maintenance prior to leaving. That means oil change, tire rotation, the whole nine (as we say in Maine – full slang term is the whole nine yards. Hmmm. Wonder where this came from? But I digress). Most cars that were bought new will have the manual in the glove compartment, complete with certain maintenance to do at a certain mileage. Make sure your car is up to date with all the suggested services in order to prep for the trip. If your family vehicle isn’t really suited for long distances, it can even be cheaper to rent a car instead of the wear and tear it could cause to your car. If this is the case, start shopping around the same time that you start planning for your trip. This extra time will allow you to get the best deal and the biggest selection of vehicles.


Tip #2: Devices


It this day and age, this may be one of the most important aspects of the road trip. Even for shorter road trips, it is crucial that you leave prepared with all the proper equipment. Not every car, especially older ones, have a power source located in the front of the car. Even if there is one, it can usually only handle two USB adapters at once. We recommend picking up a couple wireless chargers on Amazon. You can get wireless chargers for the iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, Android, pretty much any device that your family will want to bring on the trip. Also pick up some spare earbuds.
Tip #3: Know the roads and read the rulebook


Chances are you will be road tripping it through multiple different states. In order to make it to

your Florida vacation home rental safely and intact. Make sure you know the roads that you will be taking and the rules that go along with it. Different states have different laws involving construction areas (you most likely encounter them at least once), speed limits, and child restraints. If this is your first time making this trip, stick to main roads and don’t experiment with any shortcuts to try to avoid tolls or to shave off three minutes. It’s not worth it! You may get lost and stopping and asking for directions, as your hubby well knows, is out of the question. So, familiarizing yourself to this information prior to the trip will keep you and your family safe, secure, and protected!


Tip #4: Emergency vehicle kit

You want to be prepared for some unexpected, yet expected issues that may arise along the way.

Making sure that your AAA membership is up to date is a necessity. Worst case scenario

involves the car having to get towed back home, which can cost an arm and a leg when you’re

paying out of pocket. AAA will at least make this unpleasant experience affordable! Other

important tools to have in your vehicle, not just during a road trip, but at all times are jumper

cables, a flashlight, a jack, and a first aid kid. One option is purchasing a portable battery

charger. This way you are able to jump your car without having to flag down another car to help

you. Just make sure you charge it after every use!


Tip #5: Snacks, snacks, and more snacks!

Now, this may seem obvious, but more people that you would think forget to pack snacks or just

focus on snacks for the kids and forget goodies for the grown-ups! Unless you’re a big fan of gummy fruit snacks and juice boxes, make sure you pack something for the adults as well! Make sure to have a cooler full of drinks and pack each kid a bag of their own snacks so they won’t be fighting over them in the back seat. A safe bet is to put identical snacks in each of their bags so there will be minimal fussing. Let the kids pick some favorites from the grocery store and throw in a few Florida/Disney-themed surprises will help get them through the road trip.


All in all, save travels and make sure to remember that the road trip is part of your vacation, so make the most of it! But, nothing will be as exciting as arriving in Florida and checking out your vacation home rental in Orlando near Disney. Just remember to take bathroom breaks, never drive when feeling drowsy, and have fun! If you are follow these tips you will be sure to have a fun and safe trip for you and your family.


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