Are You Ready For Another Baby?

At some point after having your first baby (sometimes even immediately after), family members will inevitably begin to ask if you plan on having more. It’s probably the last thing on your mind after all the long, sleepless nights and hectic days changing dirty diapers and wiping baby snot off your clothes. But alas, there will come a time when you begin to wonder, am I ready for another baby? If this question has been popping up lately, take this quiz for some helpful insight!


  1. Is your baby/child currently sleeping through the night?

A. Yes, everyone gets a full night’s sleep every night

B. No, baby still wakes up multiple times a night


  1. How old is your youngest child?

A. Preschool age or older

B. Baby or toddler


  1. Is your partner on board with having another baby?

A. Yes, we’ve talked about it and both want another

B. He/She is not 100% sure if we should have another


  1. Do you and your partner enjoy frequent date nights out?

A. Date nights are rare and for special occasions only

B. Yes, we always make time for date nights – our sitter loves us


  1. How many kids have you always wanted to have?

A. A big family of 3 or more

B. One or two at most


  1. How will your current child likely react to the news of a baby?

A. Excited and happy for a sibling to play with

B. Jealous and ready to throw a tantrum


  1. Do you having enough savings to afford another child?

A. Yes, we are good with budgeting and have been saving money for a while

B. Our finances are tight right now and we have tons of bills to pay


  1. Does your partner help out with your current child?

A. Yes, we take turns when it comes to feeding/diapering/bathing, etc.

B. No, I do most of the work when it comes to caring for our child


  1. Why do you want another baby?

A. Now feels like the right time and you want to give your child a sibling

B. You just love babies and your family has been on your case about growing your brood


  1. Are you excited to be pregnant again?

A. Yes, I loved being pregnant despite the bouts of morning sickness. I can’t wait to do it all again!

B. I wish I could skip pregnancy and just have the baby, being pregnant was not a good experience.


Mostly A’s: You are ready for another baby! This is something you and your partner have discussed thoroughly and you are both excited by the idea of expanding your family. Right now seems like the perfect time and you can’t wait to get pregnant again!


Mostly B’s: It’s probably best to hold off for at least a few more years. Having another baby is not something you should rush into because you feel pressured by your family or simply because you love babies. It’s important that everyone in your household feels ready for this change and all the responsibility that comes with growing your family.



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