How to Protect Baby from the Sun

As the weather gets warmer we can’t wait to get outside and play and bring baby along for the fun! The bright, sunny weather makes for a beautiful day outside, but it also means you must take extra care to protect yourself and your baby from the sun’s harmful rays. While sun exposure is great for getting some much needed vitamin D, baby’s skin is particularly sensitive and so babies are more vulnerable to sun damage. Here are some tips you can follow to make sure baby stays protected when out in the sun.


Use a sun cover

When going for a stroll, make sure to use a sun cover with a high UV-protection factor. The Dooky Baby Cover has a UV-protection factor of UPF40+ which blocks over 95% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. It is made of 100% breathable cotton to create sufficient ventilation. It’s also height adjustable so you can peek at baby any time you’d like and protects against other elements.


Be careful with sunscreen

For adults, we automatically reach for the sunscreen when we’re going out on a sunny day, but we have to be more careful when it comes to baby. Sunscreen should only be used on babies 6 months or older, and not just any sunscreen will do. Most sunscreens contain chemicals that can be very harmful for babies and can cause irritation. Look for a natural sunscreen that is free of chemicals and toxins.


Timing is key

Time your outings with baby so that they are early in the morning before 10 am or later in the afternoon after 4pm. The time in between is when the sun’s UV rays are the most intense and can cause the most harm. If you must go out in the afternoon, seek shade and keep covered.



Think there’s no such thing as sunglasses for babies? Think again! Roshambo Baby sunglasses block 100% uva/b/c rays and are BPA free – and they’re made with babies in mind! They fit 0-2 years and up, are ultra-durable, virtually unbreakable and made of super light material that is chew-friendly.


Baby in the middle

If you’re taking baby for a trip in the car, place the car seat in the center backseat, away from the side windows. Sunscreens or UV-blocking film on all windows is also a big help.





Written by Andy van Staveren, Co-Founder of Xplorys and Dooky Baby

Andy van Staveren is one of the two founders of the Xplorys company.Born in The Netherlands and having lived in Paris for 4 years and London for 4 years, he is responsible for numerous inventions and the father of two daughters, aged 15 and 7. van Staveren has over 20 years experience in brand development and inventing innovative baby products and is responsible for product development and export markets.
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