Mom Invents Miracle Wearable Blanket to Help Babies Sleep

best sleep sack for babiesDoes you want to help your baby sleep all night long? We may have the perfect solution.

We’ve been good friends with Stephanie and Brett Parker at for a long time now. We’ve watched their business grow from a couple small dining-room-table brand to a global sensation.

When the Parker’s daughter Charlotte was young, she had trouble transitioning out of her swaddle. She had begun to roll over on her own, which meant it wasn’t safe to use a swaddle anymore. They had a tired and cranky baby who just wouldn’t sleep out of her swaddle, so they came up with a solution of their own.

Over two weeks, the Parkers invented the Zipadee-Zip, a wearable blanket to help babies transition out of the swaddle. During the first use, little Charlotte slept for three hours straight – a record for this tired little one. During each subsequent use, she slept longer and longer. A mere two weeks later, the little Parker was peacefully sleeping 12 hours a night without a peep. The Parkers had their miracle.

Stephanie was amazed to learn how many parents had the exact same issue she was dealing with. There were endless blogs and comments with moms and dads crying out for help. They knew this solution would appeal to parents all over the world.

She jumped on to her sewing machine and began making more product. With just $700, they built a website and began building their soon-to-be million dollar business. They used the first profits to buy more material to keep up with incoming sales. The brand was literally build one Zipadee-Zip at a time.

Stephanie’s faith has had a big role in her businesses’ success.

“Before Zipadee-Zip, my focus was on monetary success and recognition in the corporate marketplace. I soon realized that no matter what rung on the corporate ladder I reached, this quest lacked fulfillment. It was not until I surrendered my ambitions and aspirations to God that my life underwent a complete transformation. As soon as my focus shifted from me to Him, everything fell into place. This business is truly a gift and we have no doubt that our faith has brought us to where we are today,” shares Stephanie.

Without any marketing, the Sleeping Baby brand has exploded through word of mouth. Their popularity led to a deal on the hit ABC show “Shark Tank,” where they received a deal with the show’s fashion/apparel/retail mogul. Parents all over are elated that they finally have a solution. They can help their children adjust to sleep outside the swaddle without endless nights of crying and failed sleep.

Since then, Sleeping Baby has grown into a massive brand with loyal and dedicated employees, tremendous social media reach, and multiple product lines, including pajamas, wearable teething jewelry, nursery essentials, and one piece outfits.

Written by Tasha Mayberry, Editor-in-Chief of Best in Baby Biz Magazine

For the last four years, Tasha has managed with her husband a Web Design, Marketing and PR Firm, Social Media 22. Tasha worked with over 100 mom/dad inventors helping them grow from their garage to their own warehouse; win product awards; gain thousands of Facebook fans; continuously get mentioned on TV, in magazines and more. Tasha is inspired each day with the work she does and loves every minute of it. Now, as the editor-in-chief of BIBB Magazine, she works closely with the team to ensure each issue speaks to the audience of modern moms and dads.

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