A Focus on Fatherhood: Interview with LA Dads Group

A Sit Down With Trevor Mulligan, Stay-At-Home Dad and LA Dads Group Co-founder and Organizer


Q: What is the LA Dads Group?

A: L.A. DADS GROUP is a diverse community of fathers who take an active role in their children’s lives. The only requirement to joining us is to be a father residing in and around the Los Angeles area (such as Long Beach and Orange County), who want to socialize and interact with other dads who enjoy spending quality time with their children.

We are active SoCal fathers and we invite all dads to join us: married dads, single dads, gay dads, stepdads, at-home dads, full-time working dads, etc. – all are welcome. There are no group dues or no attendance expectations. We are simply dads who want to be active in their kids’ lives.


Q: Why did you start the LA Dads Group?

A: Fatherhood is important. As fathers become more deeply involved in the day-to-day of family life, I think the fatherhood perspective has become an important part of the parenting conversation in the home as well as outside the home such as in parenting groups, and other kinds of parenting venues.
I was very reluctant to join a dads group at first. I didn’t think it would be beneficial to me, when I did join my first group; it was just what I needed. As any parent can relate, we all go through difficulties on a daily basis, in a different way. I think if we can meet up and discuss these, we can help each other in different ways. We want to help change the way fathers are viewed and help fathers be better for our kids and our communities. Our group is a place where dads can not only help themselves, but also help us change the view of fathers today.


Q: How large has the group grown since it started?

A: We currently have almost 700 members and we are growing!


Q: What kinds of events/activities do you do as a group?

A: We host father/child meet ups several times a month at parks, beaches, playgrounds, museums, sporting events, parent-and-me classes, and many other SoCal adventures. We also host Dads Night Out (DNO) events to give our dads an opportunity to socialize, have fun, learn, and support each other as we navigate parenthood together. Our meet ups occur during the week and on weekends to accommodate both stay-at-home dads and working dads.


Q: How does the group help fathers?

A: We are a diverse community for fathers in the Los Angeles area looking to socialize and interact with other dads who enjoy spending quality time with their children. We get together and just talk about whatever is going on in our lives, our kids, sports, photography or whatever the dads are interested in. The group can provide support in different ways if that is something a father needs. It is nice to have a safe place to discuss topics that other wise might not be addressed. How to be a better parent or if you want to give back to the community (we provide plenty of opportunities for that). We want dads to join together, be present not only for our kids, but for our partners and ourselves.


Q: Have you gotten any feedback from moms about the group?

A: We have a great relationship with a variety of not only moms groups but other groups in our area too! It is exciting to be able to team up with other like-minded parents to discuss, learn and grow as not only individual people but more importantly as parents. We have gotten high praises from other moms groups, especially when the active mom tells us how she want her husband to join us. The moms are super supportive and we very much appreciate all their support.


Q: What topics are covered in your Modern Dads Podcast?

A: The Modern Dads Podcast helps the world keep up with the ever-evolving definition of a “good father.” We discuss issues in each of our parenting podcast episodes that today’s fathers face navigating work, parenthood, relationships and play. We share stories of dads who are active and engaged in the decisions, the drudgery, and the pains and the joys of parenthood. We not only bring modern dads into the conversation, but also – regardless of gender – our spouses and partners, friends and colleagues, and leaders in business, entertainment and media.

The Modern Dads Podcast is produced by City Dads Group and Krosstown Studios with contributions from City Dads Group members nationwide.


Q: What’s in store in the future for LA Dads Group?

A: We have all kinds of good things in the works. LA Dads Group is committed to advancing the conversation on modern fatherhood. We will be highlighting the importance of fathers being involved in their children’s lives and how today’s dads shatter the stereotypes and misconceptions in society, the media and entertainment about at-home dads and working fathers alike. We are going to continue to provide invaluable opportunities to our members, be it a sponsored event like a movie, a simple day at the beach or an educational event, such as a CPR class or daddy boot camp.

We a part of one of the largest organized communities of dads in the United States, we are striving to be inclusive fro all dads and change the way society sees fatherhood today which will make tomorrow better for our children.


Q: Where can we learn more about LA Dads Group?

A: We have a web site – http://citydadsgroup.com/la/.
Currently our calendar of our events is on www.meetup.com – any dad in the LA area is free to join our group there, once signed up they will receive emails about all of our activities. You can also find us on all social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat!


This article is from our Spring 2017 issue and can be viewed here.


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Interview with Trevor Mulligan, Co-founder and Organizer of LA Dads Group

Trevor Mulligan quit his job as an interactive art director in 2010 to be an at-home dad. He has frequently spoken about his new job on local, national, and international TV. The L.A. sunshine gives him ample time to swim and spend time at the beach with his two boys when he is not working on his blog OneSAHD.

Find out more at http://citydadsgroup.com/la/.

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