For the past four years we have been working with mom (and dad!) inventors and business owners via our Baby and Kids PR Firm, Social Media 22. We developed a great passion for sharing fascinating stories of innovation (often times out of necessity or by accident), and for me personally, I catch myself sharing these amazing products to my friends, on social media, even at family gatherings!  I am inspired so much by the parents who create amazing inventions to solve real problems and make life easier.  So…a magazine to share these stories was the perfect solution!

Four Issues Per Year

BIBB Magazine (by the way, this stands for Best in Baby Biz & Kids Magazine) releases four issues each year:

  • Spring / Baby Shower
  • Summer
  • Fall / ABC Kids Expo
  • Holiday

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To share with modern moms / dads; baby and kids retailers; and the media the best inventions in the baby and kids business world with tips, trends, and advice from real moms and experts, and to build a community where modern parents can connect, have a voice, and be inspired. 

What Makes Our Magazine Unique?

In addition to creating content that truly resonates with modern parents, we wanted to add some extra special elements to the magazine:

  • Every issue has a Catalog section where you can browse the top baby and kids products of the season, get exclusive deals, and click right from the magazine to shop!
  • One lucky reader per issue will win everything they see in the Catalog section. Make sure to enter here!

Help Us Grow

We grow by two ways and really are grateful to our loyal readers for making the magazine a success:

  1. When readers like you graciously share the magazine; while reading it you can share certain pages in the magazine on social media / via email, or you can share the entire magazine!  Here is the link to current issue.
  2. When readers like our social media sites:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram

So a big thank you and a hug for doing so!

Say Hello Anytime

If you ever want to reach me, Tasha Mayberry, Editor-in-Chief, please email

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