5 Stocking Stuffers for Baby’s First Christmas

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Santa is almost ready to put his giant bag of overflowing toys in his magical sleigh and gear up his reindeer for the big journey around the world! Opening stockings has always been my favorite part of Christmas… my mom always puts special things in there.

One year she gifted me a family heirloom diamond ring with a special letter. I’ll never forget that Christmas! Other years my stocking held Pandora charms, Banana Republic gift cards, gas cards, gold jewelry, always a pomegranate or an orange, as well as odds and ends I always need more of like lint rollers, sticky notes, batteries, and more.

Now as a mom I really love filling my son’s stocking. Each year the gifts inside change so much because my little boy is growing up so fast. I cannot believe he’s almost three!

If this is your baby’s first Christmas – first of all, enjoy your blessing and your family – and secondly, the stocking will likely be bigger than your baby so it’s a great photo opportunity :-) I remember when we brought our son home from the hospital we ordered pizza …a week before we just moved into our new house (just in the nick of time!). Anyway, the pizza box was longer than our baby! It was a fun photo to take.

Here are five best baby gifts perfect to complete this year’s stocking stuffers or for any gift all year round:

#1 Itzy Ritzy Teething Mitts

best baby teether mitts


I’m obsessed with these teething mitts and Itzy Ritzy as a brand overall – I could fill an entire stocking with their adorable gifts! (My favorite must-have from Itzy Ritzy is their shopping cart and high chair cover – but this is a tad big for a stocking.)


baby shopping cart cover high chair top gifts for baby


So about these teething mitts… adorable, huh?! The pineapple is my favorite.

  • The texture helps to relieve baby’s sore gums.
  • The unique glove design makes the teether stay in place for baby to chew on and as an extra bonus, the mitt prevents face-scratching!
  • The crinkle sound keeps baby occupied and I love that it’s completely safe for baby (food-grade silicone).
  • Not only does this help with teething but the textures and sound helps with baby’s development.


Teething Happens Teething Mitts

#2 Brain Builder Toys by People Toy Company

best developmental toys for baby

These toys are so fabulous! Each toy is colorful with unique, well-thought out features to help baby develop.

The Magic Reflection Ball, Educational Eddie Rattle, Push & Pull UFO, Like It Pacifier, Catch me if you Can! Lion, and Cry No More Baby Rattle are among my favorites.

Oh and we love their crinkly and machine washable baby newspaper toy!

best baby toys gifts

Toys start at $7.99 and up.

Shop all Brain Builders – best developmental toys for babies.

#3 Chanteur Designs

best baby safe quality jewelry bangles bracelet for newborn

Chanteur Designs is my go-to for baby and kids jewelry. Buying jewelry at cheap stores is a waste of money not to mention the jewelry is usually riddled with toxic materials. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I can buy quality kids jewelry for under $25!
Your little princess will look so stunning with a newborn bangle to mark their very first Christmas. This is a special gift that is sure to be kept as a keepsake too. Maybe even passed down from family to family!

  • 100% lead, nickel, and cadmium free.
  • They only use crystals from sophisticated suppliers that are 100% lead safe stones and we never compromise on this standard.
  • They use magnificent Swarovski Elements crystals and gems to enhance the design of our jewelry. They sparkle brighter than authentic diamonds!

Bangles are $24.95

Shop all Bangle bracelets for newborn babies and kids.

#4 ZOOCCHINI grip+easy™ leggings and matching no-slip socks

best baby gifts leggings

As a mom I always look for quality kids products – especially clothing, but usually to get high quality cotton or organic the price goes way up, or if I want to save money, the quality goes down. ZOOCCHINI offers the best of both worlds!  Quality and affordability!

Once you step into the ZOO, you will fall in love with this brand!  This is my go-to destination to buy gifts all year round for baby and toddlers.  The designs are beyond adorable – very unique and has that wow factor. My son got SO MANY compliments when he wore his ZOOCCHINI leggings and socks.

These adorable leggings have grippers on the knees to protect baby when crawling and grippers on the soles of the socks to help baby with the crawling to walking transition. It’s the worst seeing your wobbly baby fall down and you are not there in time to catch them!  We saw a huge difference when my son wore this socks. He didn’t fall! They are AWESOME!

Plus, socks are so expensive so it’s cool that you get a free matching pair with every pair of leggings :-)


grip+easy™ crawler leggings & socks set


#5 Grow with Me Swaddle by Woombie

best baby swaddle help baby sleep

Give the gift of good sleep to your baby this year…which means you will sleep too!

I swear by the Woombie baby swaddle – my son slept so well in his Woombie – he was in his Woombie the day he was born! It’s simply AMAZING and recreated the feeling and comfort of the womb environment so baby’s sleep better and longer – plus it helps prevent the startle reflex and face-scratching.

We went through many different sizes and swaddle types for the first year and a half (worth every penny!), but this new Woombie swaddle is simply amazing…

It’s called the Grow With Me Woombie and it’s a swaddle + wearable blanket that grows with your baby up to 18 months! It’s a swaddle, arms-out swaddle, and big baby sleeping bag all in one!

This one gift saves parents over $200 from having to purchase different sized swaddles and sleeping sacks. I think it’s priceless really because anything that gives new parents more sleep is a GODSEND.

$29.99 – $44.99

Shop Grow With Me Swaddles

What did you put in your baby’s stocking this year? Comment below with your ideas or let us know how you like our top five baby gifts list!

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